Inga Grin specializes in launching new emerging luxury designer brands. Her agency provides the complete spectrum of 1on1 coaching and digital brand management services in order to enable talented designers to build powerful global brands.

Firstly, she helps to build the necessary business mindset in order to get clients to where they want to be. Then she focuses on creating and launching their story with digital platforms and finally, she helps build recurrent sales schemes on the direct-to-consumer market.

Inga is a strong believer that “old-fashioned” methods of doing business in the fashion industry are a thing of the past. Now, premium designers need to adapt to new challenges. These include being social media approved, having a tribe of social followers and true brand advocates and building authentic brands based on true foundations and transparency. By following her advice and coaching programs, designers can build powerful, global brands in a short time period.

We live in a time, when the Valentino Brand founded almost 60 years ago, has the same valuation as Stitch Fix, founded three years ago: $2 billion, to be exact. One follows the traditional way of doing business: catwalks, buyers, managing shops – and the profitability is far from perfect (the brand doesn’t stop changing hands), while the other, is an IPO success-story, a profitable brand built in a three year timescale on digital foundations.

Inga’s mission is to work with talented high-end designers to develop their brands and fast-track them to the top, using the proof of concept “free methods” up to “paid” scaling stages on digital social media, and culminating in reaching out to investors. Inga’s dream is to have a larger choice of high-end designer retail brands on Nasdaq or CAC40, than just Louis Vuitton or Kering.

While the landscape is changing: Gap, Sears, Diesel, and others are disappearing or closing their American shops, Inga and her team are working to bring increased diversity through new digital brands to customers and investors.

Inga is convinced that designers can build their brands alone, with the help of digital and copywriting experts and unmatched business coaching. They do not need to rely on others and apply “old schemes” to their brands, such as wholesale, tradeshows, showrooms or press agents. It’s an alternative vision of a new fashion landscape made possible thanks to digital media, the easiest and most cost-effective way of reaching out to end-consumers and selling them collections directly.