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Inga Grin

scaling fashion brands to 7-figure businesses

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I express my personal opinion here, based on my experience. Drop me a message if you have any questions or enquires.
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Hi! I’m Inga,

I’m founder and CEO of “IAMFASHION” Global Business Program. IAMFASHION stands for Innovation and Mentorship Fashion Global Business Program. We help early-stage fashion brands fast-track their companies up to seven-figure businesses in just nine weeks.

I work with many fashion designers helping them build new fashion empires. I’ve launched several e-commerce businesses and use digital marketing as a base to acquire customers and make sales for my clients and my businesses.  I’m the author of blog which aims to provide designers and fashion entrepreneurs with the best tips and advices on digital marketing and fashion brand growth.

In my coaching process, firstly, I help to build the necessary business mindset in order to get my clients to where they want to be. Then I focus on creating and launching their story with digital platforms and finally, I help build recurrent sales schemes on the direct-to-consumer market.

I’m convinced that designers can build their brands alone, with the help of digital and copywriting insights and unmatched business coaching. They do not need to rely on others and apply “old schemes” to their brands, such as wholesale, fashion tradeshows, sales showrooms or press agents. It’s an alternative vision of a new fashion landscape made possible thanks to digital media, the easiest and most cost-effective way of reaching out to end-consumers and selling them collections directly.


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